"Rep. Larry Pittman is a strong conservative, pro-family, local/state's rights voice in the North Carolina House of Representatives North Carolina. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) today endorsed Rep. Larry Pittman for reelection as North Carolina's State Representative in District 82.

CWALAC is affiliated with the national pro-family organization Concerned Women for America, the nation's largest public policy women's organization with more than 500,000 grassroots members and with over 8,500 supporters in North Carolina. In making the announcement, CWALAC cited Pittman's local/state's rights, pro-family and pro-constitutional stance fighting for conservative issues important to the people of North Carolina and to his constituents.

He sponsored conservative legislation including: Gun Rights Amendment, Enabling Patriots Act, Common Core Standards Study, and Homeschool Education Income Tax Credit. Rep. Pittman was a primary co-sponsor of Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights, State's Right to Claim Sovereignty, Amend Firearm Restoration Law, Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act, Define Parental Rights Standard/Statutory Law. Pittman supports legislation to support victims of human trafficking, with stricter punishment of human traffickers. He supported the passage of North Carolina's Constitutional Marriage Amendment and says he "will stand by it."

Regarding the pro-life issue, Rep. Pittman says, "There may be a very few cases in which the mother's life may be endangered by continuing the pregnancy. In those cases, every effort should be made to save both lives. The baby should never be intentionally killed." CWALAC acknowledges that Rep. Pittman is a true conservative who protects local and state's rights.

He opposes all efforts to impose national standards, national assessments and/or a national curriculum on all schools in the State; he asked for a study committee on Common Core. As the author of HB 733 Common Core Standards Study, Pittman says, "I believe we should eliminate the Federal Department of Education and return the authority in education to parents and teachers at the local level."

"CWALAC respects the leadership of Larry Pittman during the 2012 - 2013 session while he served in the North Carolina House of Representatives," said Sheri Miller, State Director for Concerned Women for America and Mary Frances Forrester, Associate Director. "We are confident that he will continue to fight effectively to defend North Carolina families. It is our pleasure to join with others in the endorsement of his reelection to the North Carolina House of Representatives.""

Sheri Miller

Concerned Women for America of NC

Charlotte, NC

"Representative Larry Pittman is undeniably the most devout constitutionalist in the North Carolina General Assembly. His constituents should be proud to have him as their representative. Larry is not only a friend, but a patriot.

F. Paul Valone

President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Executive Director, Rights Watch International"

F. Paul Valone

President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Charlotte, NC

"As a 26 year elected leader in Cabarrus County, you learn quickly who you can depend on to partnering with for the good of our community. Larry Pittman is a man you can count on standing in the gap for the citizens of the 82nd District. He is not a man that gives lip service to persuade voters support, but a man of response and action . Larry was very instrumental in helping the Town of Harrisburg overcome differences with NC Dept of Transportation.

He acted as a representative should by listening to the people and taking the issues back to Raleigh for problem resolutions. I am pleased to endorse Representative Larry Pittman for the 82nd District of NC."

Tim Hagler

Harrisburg Mayor 2000-2013

Harrisburg, NC, NC

"As a Small Business owner here in Kannapolis and a resident of Concord, I am very aware of the efforts of Rep. Larry G. Pittman. He has been instrumental in helping the citizens of Harrisburg with their concerns about the NCDOT road/railroad situation and he also helped the Odell Community with a Property Rights Issue. He has worked tirelessly against Common Core in North Carolina and has introduced and continues to worked hard on gun rights legislation and right to life issues while in Raleigh.

Rep. Pittman is a man of his word, a man who speaks the truth even though it may not be the most popular thing and someone whom the voters of Cabarrus county can depend upon.

Rep. Pittman has shown that he's an advocate for the people and someone who exemplifies all the attributes of a true Representative of the People. He has proven his resolve and willingness to stand strong against even his own party's leadership in Raleigh in order to help the people of the 82nd District. He's proven his willingness and desire to hear from the people whom he represents by hosting several Town Hall meetings and Listening Events during his first term in office. He's highly thought of by his peers in Raleigh and even they have commented that "He's one man who you don't have to worry about where he stands on an issue. He tells you upfront what he believes and doesn't waiver".

I am proud to support Larry G. Pittman for re-election to the NC House 82nd District."

Ronnie Long

Owner - Kannapolis Computer Repair

Concord, NC

"We need Representative Larry Pittman to uphold family values and the Constitution. He represents his constituents and does his best for NC. He is a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and of the right to life. Larry Pittman is a man of the people. He deserves to win the 82nd District."

Kelly Bennett

Precinct Chair, Farmville B

Farmville, NC

"I support Larry Pittman. A true Oath Keeper."

Mitchel Farris

Kernersville, NC


David Williams

Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina

Raleigh, NC

"Representative Pittman is a man of integrity and an award-winning legislator who has made his constituents very proud.

He introduced the bill which led to the study of Common Core, and the General Assembly is now on the verge of removing Common Core and replacing it with North Carolina\'s own standards.

With Representative Ford and others, Larry has helped protect life.

Rep. Pittman has expanded our second amendment freedoms, and is the most pro-gun legislator in the NC House. His work earned him Grassroots NC\'s Courage in Government Award last summer.

Larry has achieved all of this in just the past session. As a constituent, I never need to call to ask where he stands on an issue because he honors Biblical and Constitutional principles, as well as our platform, which is based on the Constitution and on protecting the freedom of North Carolinians.

These are issues of importance to ALL residents of Cabarrus County, not just those of one party of another.

Larry is actively pursuing all he can do to protect life and liberty on our behalf, never using the office for his own purposes, but as our representative, \"because the people matter.\"

Larry is a man of character, integrity and principle, and we the people of District 82 could not be more proud of him.

As an active member of the Cabarrus County GOP, an active Republican Woman, and an active member of the North Carolina Republican Party, I am proud to say that Larry represents our party well. His caucus members are publicly standing with him, too.

Our Republicans have lowered taxes and raised teacher pay, with across-the-board raises to come as funding is worked out. Our unemployment rate is already decreasing. We are experiencing a \"Carolina Comeback\" - our state has moved from 44th in business tax climate to 17th, according to Lt. Governor Dan Forest, and we are on our way to 1st place thanks to the time-tested conservative policies being implemented by the Republican majority we put in office in 2012.

Thank you, Larry and Tammy, for your hard work and dedication to our district and to North Carolina. Thank you for representing us and for having the courage to do so even when it is not easy."

Tracy Bengtson

Davidson, NC

"I've met Larry and worked with him on legislative issues. He is a straightforward, honest representative making responsibile decisions for the citizens that he represents.

You cannot find a better candidate. Keep him in office, and trust his judgement."

M. R. Erickson

Wake Forest, NC

"When I think of who is the most honest representative in Raleigh I think of Larry Pittman. Larry has introduced multiple bills in an effort to have state noncompliance with unconstitutional federal acts. Larry has a great record for standing up for your 2nd Amendment rights and with the 10th Amendment.

As a 2012 County Commissioner candidate and member of the Republican Liberty Caucus as well as the Tenth Amendment Center I wholeheartedly endorse Larry Pittman for North Carolina House.

Mark Hopp

Burlington, NC"

Mark Hopp

Tenth Amendment Center

Burlington, NC

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